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Here are some links I think you will find of
interest.  If you know of any others please
let me know.

My items on eBay

The official Observer's website, keeping collectors
up-to-date with news and events and giving details on
how to join.

Collecting Observer Books by Colin Morris. 
Packed with helpful information, including
a page for new collectors. It also has a
     'Price and Rarity Guide' and some very impressive
downloadable software for collectors.

Observercollector by Phil Pearce.
A site to feast your eyes on. 
Phil has an enormous collection of Observer's and other
collectible books, plus a set of Observer's
Picture Cards of British Birds that must be viewed.


Australian Observer's Site by John Tipper.
This site has lots of info including 2 interesting articles,
      "How Observer's Books Were Made" and "The Birthplace
      of Early Observers".

BREYDON BOOKS  by Richard Fuller
Check out Richard's new book shop.  It has a good selection
of books for sale plus details of rare collectors items

Rose's & Stella Books Online Observer's Bookshop
This online bookshop has a very large collection
of Observer's for sale and offers a  service with a personal
touch that customers really appreciate.

An e-bookstore offering a very wide range
of old collectible books, prints and images, plus a
catalogue for collectors.

Go to this online encyclopaedia if you would like to read
the history of Observer's Books.    Very useful for
new collectors.

The Little Shoppe of Observer's Books
This site offers a wide selection of Observer's for
sale as well as book finder and 'sell your books' services.

Very useful book search site for used and out-of-print
books.  It also has it's own stock of books to purchase,
including Warne Observers.  

Dandy Lion offers a wide range of hard to find,
out of print, used, and rare books, including an Observer's
section.  And for book fair fans it shows current dates for
Surrey book fairs.

A London based design studio that has nominated
Observer's Books as a design classic.





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 me giving your website address.




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