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Observer's Pocket Series Collectors' Society


                          Have you recently started collecting Observer's Books?  Why not become a member of
                        the OPSCS and join over 500 other enthusiasts. 

                        The Society was first formed in 1991 and has published many newsletters and held
                        numerous meetings in different parts of the country since then.  At these 'swopmeets'
                        you can buy, sell or exchange Observer's, take part in auctions or just enjoy socialising
                        with other members.  UK membership costs 6.00 per year (overseas members 10)
                        and includes a quarterly newsletter full of articles and helpful information, plus details
                        of where and when the next meetings will be held.  
 Details of meetings are also available
                        on the
OPSCS website.

                              To join write to the Membership Secretary:
 Alan Sledger,
                                         10 Villiers Road,
                                         Warwick CV8 2JB.

Cheques should be made payable to OPSCS.

                          If you are thinking of becoming a serious collector, an Observer's bibliography entitled
                          "An Observer's Look at Observer's Books" is an indispensable reference aid.  This contains
                          illustrations of almost all known English language hardback Observer's Books, paperback
                          issues, directories, Australian Observer's, cyanamid jackets and more.  The bibliography,
                          consisting of 158 photocopied pages protected by clear plastic and stored in a ring binder,
                          costs 45.00 plus 5.00 p & p. 


                                         Mick Burgess,
                                         139 Beatrice Road,
                                         Northants NN16 9QR.


                              Society Meeting Dates for 2011: 

                                          March 5th Windsor Peter Impett
                                          April 16th Bristol Richard Edwards
                                          May 14th Kettering John Coupland
                                          June 25th Harrogate Chris Liddle
                                          September 10th Heywood Brian Davies
                                          October 8th Barnet Geoff Crabtree
                                          November 12th Kettering John Coupland


Hope to see you at a meeting.


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Gary Jex: OPSCS Membership No. 471
Tel: (+44) 020 8306 2244      Email: