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Click on picture to see jacket

 The rare Black and White Fungi book, having  auctioned on Ebay for nearly 1000,
 is obviously beyond most peoples' reach, so I am offering photocopy jackets of a genuine
unclipped jacket.  At only 6.00 plus 50p postage, a bargain to fill that gap until maybe the real
thing turns up.



Click on picture to see jacket

Book number 86, Country Houses, has never been published, so I have made photocopy
jackets to fill that little gap in the collection. Not to be taken too seriously of course.
You will see the author is "A MANSION" and no publisher's name is printed on the back. If you
haven't got a spare book I can supply one. I'm afraid the book title will be 'pot luck' as I will
have to use any book I have available. Jacket only 6.00 plus 50p postage; Jacket
and book 10.00, plus 1.00 postage.

 Jacket only  6.00 
Jacket plus book  10.00 


Click on picture to see back of jacket

For me this is a very special children's book as it was written by my wife.  It has had an enthusiastic
 response from children and adults alike, and the storyline is particularly good for city dwellers
as it encourages an interest in nature, with all the pleasure that brings.  Sadly today's
 children have less and less access to the countryside and a book that inspires affection for our
wildlife, while indulging their love of fantasy, can only have a positive influence on them.
The book is hardback, A5 size, 105 pages including 16 illustrations, with dust jacket.  Postage 2.50.




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                Any faults are described and shown as clearly as possible, but if you are not completely satisfied
                with your purchase please let me know.   I will refund the cost on receipt of the returned book/s.  


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